The Automotive Materials Summit will take place on Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th June 2019 at the Infinity Hotel, Munich.

Peter FussSenior Advisory Partner, Automotive Team, Ernst & Young will be chairing the conference.

10:15   Registration, Refreshments and Networking

11:00   Welcome Remarks

11:10   Keynote Address:  The Role of Recycling and Sustainability in Vehicle Development

Learn how evolving materials offering both recycling and sustainability are changing the automotive landscape in this keynote address. 

Speaker: Bertrand Cherpin, Recycling Project Manager, Renault

11:50   Global Automotive Trends and Issues

Gain a macro perspective on the automotive industry, both in Europe and globally, from a key consultant and learn how industry changes will affect manufacturing.  

Speaker: Peter Fuss, Senior Advisory Partner, Automotive GSA, Ernst & Young GmbH

12:25   Speaker Q&A

12:40   Lunch and Networking Break 


13:40   Interiors Innovations

Plastics StreamRubber/Elastomers StreamPolyurethanes Stream 

13:40  Lightweight Materials on Hollow Glass Spheres and Carbon Fibers

Speaker: Philippe Toneguzzo, Materials Expert, Groupe Plastivaloire

13:40  Recent Developments for Elastomer Seals in Drivelines

Speaker: Arthur Lanziner, Research Scientist, Materials Team, Freudenberg NOK

13:40  Automotive Interior Applications                                       


14:20   Forward-Thinking Technologies

Plastics Stream
Rubber / Elastomers Stream
Polyurethanes Stream

14:20  Composite Guide Rails on Sunroof Roller- Blind Modules

Speaker: Henri-Paul Benichou, Sales and Business Development Manager, Polyscope Polymers BV   


14:20   The Use of LSR for Front and Rear Structures for Electrified Vehicles

Speaker: Michael Fischer, Head of Business Development Technologies, Engel Austra GmbH          


14:20  Advances in Urethanes for Interior Applications

Speaker: Michael Behnke, Senior Manager, Advanced Development Group Europe, IAC Group GmbH

14:50  New Approaches to Emissions Reductions Testing for Thermoplastic Forming

Speaker: Carsten Grossman, Chemical Engineer, Kunststoff-Institut 

14:50   Soft-Touch Innovations with TPE Compounds in Interior Applications

 Speaker: Thomas Koeppl, Group Product Manager, Hexpol  


14:50  Sound-Deadening Foams for Automotive Interiors

15:20   Refreshments and Networking Break


15:50   Collaborative Initiatives for Sustainability in Automotive Manufacturing

Speaker: Philip Boydell, Senior Research Associate, DowDuPont

16:15  Game-Changing Technology in Carbon Nanotubes for an Electrified Age

Speaker: Christoph SiaraSales and Marketing Director, OCSIAL Europe

16:40    Lightweight Design for Future Mobility Concepts

Borealis will show examples of how the company and its value chain partners in the automotive industry tackle industry challenges by developing polyolefin-based solutions. They find their way in the all types of vehicles with the full breadth of drivetrains and will continue to play a significant role in keeping the planet mobile and safe at an as low as possible energy consumption.

 Georg Grestenberger, Application Marketing Manager Automotive Interior,  Borealis Polyolefine GmbH

17:05   Panel Discussion

17:20   Drinks Networking Reception

Programme may be subject to change.

08:15   Registration, Refreshments and Networking 

09:00   Opening Remarks

09:10   Keynote Address: Addressing the Emerging Need for 3D Printing in Vehicle Development 

Speaker:  Mathias Wiese, Innovation Manager for Additive Manufacturing in Product Development, Audi AG

09:50   Material Trends and Innovations in Automotive Plastics

Speaker: Sid Asthana, Global Director, Materials Science and Engineering, Magna Exteriors

Learn about trends and innovatIions in automotive polymers/plastics, including the impact of increased electrification and the shift toward autonomy. Magna's Sid Asthana will also share insights on how advanced polymers/plastics, including new materials, will enable future mobility.

10:30   Morning Networking Break


11:00    Accelerating New Automotive Interior Experiences: Our Interior Vision 2030

Speaker: Jesus GalanSenior Manager, Advanced Technologies, Europe, Yanfeng Automotive Interiors

11:30  Automotive Design for Manufacturing Trends and Issues

New tools, innovations and collaborative methods being used by automakers and design community to influence change.

Speaker: Barbara Busse, Executive Director, Future+You GmbH Co. KG

12:00   Lunch and Networking Break


13:00   Exterior and Under the Hood Issues

Plastics StreamRubber / Elastomers Stream                                    Polyurethanes Stream           

13:00  New Developments in Thermoformable Automotive Skins  

Speaker:  Silvia Hanzelova, Sales Director, Mondi Belcoat NV

13:00  Advanced Materials for Automotive Sealing Applications

Speaker: Daniel Tyrkas, Director, Automotive Solutions, Mitsubishi Chemical                


13:00  Novel, Biobased PU Formulations for Automotive NVH Applications

Speaker: Giorgio Lesage, Director Advance Development, Adler Pelzer Group           

13:45  The Advent of PET Foams for Lightweighting and Strength

Speaker: Marcel Petri, Research Scientist, Armacell                                   

13:45 High-Temperature Materials for Functional Part Design

Speaker: Kai Kremer,  Commercial Manager, HNBR Division,  Zeon Chemical      


13:45  Longer-Lasting Foam Materials                                                

14:30   Refreshments and Networking Break

15:00   Recycling, Reuse and Recovery Issues and Challenges

Speaker: Bert Havenith, Strategic and Market Intelligence Director, DSM Engineering Plastics

15:30  Innovations, Emissions, Electrification and New Realities Facing the Automotive Industry

 Speaker: John Marcantonio, Senior Advisor Chemicals, KBR Consulting


16:00 Closing Remarks

Programme may be subject to change.


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