CHAIRMAN: Peter FussSenior Advisory Partner, Automotive Team, Ernst & Young

10:15   Registration, Refreshments and Networking

11:00   Welcome Remarks

Karen Laird, Editor, Plastics News Europe

11:10   Keynote Address: The Role of Recycling and Sustainability in Vehicle Development

Learn how evolving materials offering both recycling and sustainability are changing the automotive landscape in this keynote address. 

Speaker: Bertrand Cherpin, Recycling Project Manager, Renault

11:50   Global Automotive Trends and Issues

Gain a macro perspective on the automotive industry, both in Europe and globally, from a key consultant and learn how industry changes will affect manufacturing.  

Speaker: Peter Fuss, Senior Advisory Partner, Automotive GSA, Ernst & Young GmbH

12:25   Speaker Q&A

12:40   Lunch and Networking Break 


13:40   Interior Innovations

Plastics StreamRubber/Elastomers StreamPolyurethanes Stream 

13:40  Lightweight Materials on Hollow Glass Spheres and Carbon Fibers

Speaker: Philippe Toneguzzo, Materials Expert, Groupe Plastivaloire                                                               

13:40  Recent Developments for Elastomer Seals in Drivelines

Speaker: Arthur Lanziner, Research Scientist, Materials Team, Freudenberg NOK                                      

13:40  Automotive Interior Applications    

Speaker: Srdjan Tadich, Technical Service Team Leader, Huntsman Polymers                   


14:20   Forward-Thinking Technologies

Plastics Stream
Rubber/Elastomers Stream
Polyurethanes Stream

14:20  Composite Guide Rails on Sunroof Roller-Blind Modules

Speaker: Henri-Paul Benichou, Sales and Business Development Manager, Polyscope Polymers BV


14:20  LSR Technology and PUR Technology Supporting Autonomous and Electric Vehicles

Speaker: Michael Fischer, Head of Business Development Technologies, Engel Austria GmbH          


14:20  New Demands and Advances in Polyurethanes for Interior Applications

Speaker: Michael Behnke, Senior Manager, Advanced Development Group Europe, IAC Group GmbH

15:00  New Approaches to Emissions Reductions Testing for Thermoplastic Forming

Speaker: Carsten Grossmann, Chemical Engineer, Kunststoff-Institut 

15:00   Soft-Touch Innovations with TPE Compounds in Interior Applications

Speaker: Thomas Koeppl, Group Product Manager, Hexpol TPE 


15:00  Advanced Polyurethanes Solutions for Acoustics and Thermo Management

Speaker: Esther Quintanilla Lujan, Marketing Manager, Dow Automotive

  Refreshments and Networking Break


16:10   Sustainability Mobility Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Learn how DuPont's AHEAD initiative will support continued collaboration in sustainability efforts globally and offer industry solutions.

Speaker: Philip Boydell, Senior Research Associate, DuPont

16:35   Game-Changing Technology in Carbon Nanotubes for an Electrified Age

The use of carbon is starting to emerge as a material option with many benefits to automakers. This presentation will take a look into the future at the use of nanotubes for electrified vehicles and other applications.

Speaker: Christoph SiaraSales and Marketing Director, OCSIAL Europe

17:00   Lightweight Design for Future Mobility Concepts

Borealis will show examples of how the company and its value chain partners in the automotive industry tackle industry challenges by developing polyolefin-based solutions. They find their way in the all types of vehicles with the full breadth of drivetrains and will continue to play a significant role in keeping the planet mobile and safe at an as low as possible energy consumption.

 Georg Grestenberger, Application Marketing Manager Automotive Interior, Borealis Polyolefine GmbH

17:25   Panel Discussion


Phillip Boydell, Senior Research Associate, DuPont

Georg GrestenbergerApplication Marketing Manager Automotive Interior, Borealis Polyolefine GmbH

Christoph Siara, Sales and Marketing Director, OCSIAL Europe

17:40   Drinks Networking Reception

Programme may be subject to change.

08:15   Registration, Refreshments and Networking 

09:00   Opening Remarks

Simon Robinson, Editor, Urethanes Technology International 

09:10   Keynote Address: Polymer Materials in Automotive Additive Manufacturing: Understatement or Overstatement?

Audi has been leading the pack in new additive manufacturing technology that will affect the entire automotive value chain. This presentation will chart how the automaker has developed this technology and what it will mean to the industry.

Speaker: Mathias Wiese, Innovation Manager for Additive Manufacturing in Product Development, Audi AG

09:50   Recycling, Reuse and Recovery Issues and Challenges 

DSM is one of the companies working vigorously to find means to better recycle and reuse materials in automotive applications. Learn how new technologies could affect materials and manufacturing operations for automakers and suppliers.

Speaker: Bert Havenith, Strategic and Market Intelligence Director, DSM Engineering Plastics


10:30   Morning Networking Break


11:00   Accelerating New Automotive Interior Experiences: Our Interior Vision 2030

Yanfeng Automotive Interiors, a leading Tier 1 global supplier, has created a unique vision that connects with the need for enhanced consumer experiences that will be necessary to support automaker needs. Learn how this approach will reflect industry opportunities in a shifting market.

Speaker: Jesus GalanSenior Manager, Advanced Technologies, Europe, Yanfeng Automotive Interiors

11:30   Automotive Design for Manufacturing Trends and Issues

New tools, innovations and collaborative methods are being used by automakers and design community to influence change. Barbara Busse, a leading design expert, will share her insights into shifts in design and the connection to manufacturing. 

Speaker: Barbara Busse, Executive Director, Future+You GmbH Co. KG

12:00   Lunch and Networking Break


13:00   Exterior and Under the Hood Issues

Plastics StreamRubber / Elastomers Stream                                    Polyurethanes/PET Foam Stream           

13:00  New Developments in Thermoformable Automotive Skins  

Speaker:  Silvia Hanzelova, Sales Director, Mondi Belcoat NV       

13:00  Advanced Materials for Automotive Sealing Applications

Speaker: Daniel Tyrkas, Director, Automotive Solutions, Mitsubishi Chemical                


13:00  Novel, Biobased PU Formulations for Automotive NVH Applications

Speaker: Giorgio Lesage, Director Advance Development, Adler Pelzer Group           

13:45  Mineral Fiber Filled PC/ABS Designed For Large Exterior Components With Radar and LiDAR Integration

Speaker: Norwin van Riel, Development Leader, Trinseo                                                    

13:45  Specialty Elastomers for Automotive Applications

Speaker: Kai Kremer, Commercial Manager, HNBR, Energy Materials & NBD,  Zeon Europe GmbH      


13:45  The Advent of PET Foams for Lightweighting and Strength

Speaker: Marcel Petri, Research Scientist, Armacell                                                

14:30   Refreshments and Networking Break

15:00   Material Trends and Innovations in Automotive Plastics

Learn about trends and innovations in automotive polymers/plastics, including the impact of increased electrification and the shift toward autonomy. Magna's Sid Asthana will also share insights on how advanced polymers/plastics, including new materials, will enable future mobility. 

Speaker: Sid Asthana, Global Director, Materials Engineering, Magna Exteriors

15:30   Innovations, Emissions, Electrification and New Realities Facing the Automotive Industry

This big-picture discussion will provide a sweeping look at how new demands facing the automotive market will bring the need for industry change and advancement.

 Speaker: John Marcantonio, Senior Advisor Chemicals, KBR Consulting


16:00   Closing Remarks

Programme may be subject to change.